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Meet Your Teacher

Veronica Anusionwu is a gifted healer and author of more than 30 books on the topics of fertility, healing, childbirth and relationships. She has helped more than 500 women around the world to conceive and give birth, fulfilling their dreams of having a family. Veronica has special gifting from God to isolate and pinpoint the internal blocks and challenges that stand in the way of the ability to conceive. With nearly 22 years of experience in this ministry, Veronica applies the often-neglected parts in God’s Word regarding all areas of childbearing. She works diligently with couples needing truth and encouragement in the areas of infertility, miscarriage, pregnancy, birth and postnatal issues.

Veronica’s passion is to see men and women experience the fullness of their salvation in every area of life, and to move forward in an exciting journey:

From barrenness and miscarriage into fruitfulness
From sickness and disease into health
From emptiness into abundance, because of the work of the Cross of Christ!

Veronica helps couples’ step into all that God has provided for them.
She is a sought-after and world-renowned speaker.