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Module #10

The Miracle Of the Left and Right Brain And Why This is The KEY To Your Life’s Outcome



this module, I am bringing you the keys to instant results. You will discover why most of the things God shows you never really come into manifestation. This secret will amaze you-take your time with this module. Prayerfully go through it. Take notes and keep declaring that I have light and can see what God has here for me”.


Listen to the videos and sparkle as the bright morning STAR you are, and your result will amaze you; God bless and keep you. Amen.


The Power Of The Left And Right Brain

I saw this scripture in the Bible, and my eyes opened, and it was like a lightbulb moment for me. Ecclesiastes 10:2 says, “a wise man’s heart inclines to the right, but a fool’s heart to the left. (KJV)
A wise man’s heart is at his right hand, but a fool’s heart is at his left. (NIV)
God had been preparing me for this scripture for some weeks. When I saw this scripture, things began to add up for me. So this is why those things God shows you never really come into manifestation.




To change your story you must change the picture and hang it on the right side

Pray that the Holy Spirit will help you grasp the truth in this module.


The Right Brain Contains all you need for life and goodliness. You will find all

you need in your right brain. Right hand.  


Think from your right brain. work from your right brain. gain all God promised you from your right 



The Right Brain And The Power it Holds To Your Manifestation

This Is Where The Juice Is Pouring Out! Grab It All

Video 5
Here is the practical side of things – listen to this, then use the videos below to practice what you learn. You can also get your own photos. All of your needs can be met by using this principle. It’s huge, and its the missing key TO your manifestation. The Lord HAS blessed YOU. A big congrats

Listen And Practice

Do Not Force the Image


Relax and watch the video from your right side

Capture the image and hear the voice from your right side and watch what will happen.

You Must see The Word Of God Even As You speak it from Your right side


Download Handout






These PDFs below is not relevant to this module. its coming,  But enjoy these for now and start practicing

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