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Module #10

The Miracle Of the Left and Right Brain And Why This is The KEY To Your Lifes’s Outcome

How You Can Turn In to The Secret Of Manifestation

video 1

Seeing From Your Right Side Is The Key To All You Need In Life. Before You Start, Pray For The
The Holy Spirit To Help You

How It Started / The Left And Right Brain And The Power Each Holds To Your Manifestation

video 3
You Need To Start Seeing From Your Right Brain

Video 4

This Is Where The Juice Is Pouring Out! Grab It All


Video 5
Here is the practical side of things – listen to this, then use the videos below to practice what you learn. You can also get your own photos. All of your needs can be met by using this principle. It’s huge, and its the missing key The Lord HAS blessed YOU. A big congrats.

Listen And Practice

Practice Video 1

Practice Video 2

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Lord How Can You Say You Love Me When You Have Not Given Me A Baby?


Stop Condemning yourself 


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Lord Why ME? 

The Joy of the Lord is your strength 

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